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Let’s address the struggle as a twenty- or thirty-something to decorate your home in that way you always dreamed of… we all know what I’m talking about here! Those living rooms you see in magazines or on Pinterest are simply not available at your local well-known yellow and blue interior store. They are a carefully curated collections of design items, stuff from that store and vintage pieces, with the right dose of interior decoration skills to finish things off.

I’ve always tried to keep a good balance between unique, but affordable vintage items, real finds you could say, and some practical or limited edition IKEA items that make me really happy. I’ve been searching for an equally interesting, yet affordable option to add to the mix, pieces you don’t find in every interior, not dirt cheap or so expensive you should file for bankruptcy. I’m glad to say I’ve found just that, in a strangely familiar place that is…

I’ve known La Redoute for as long as I can remember. Their catalogues were probably my first fashion inspiration as a child and a step towards my love for online shopping avant la lettre. I’ve lost track of them over the years, I blame it on the over-offering online and my habit to search for new things. Anyway, I stumbled upon their site recently and started browsing. Boy, was I like a kid in a candy store when I discovered their “home” section! Just what I was looking for. They are doing a fabulous job combining vintage inspired items, fashionable it-pieces, the oh-so popular Scandinavian trend and a whole lot of practical and stylish solutions for your home. Below you can discover a few of my favorite pieces and settings, but make sure to create your own wishlist on their website.

I’ll definitely be testing their service and quality in the weeks to come and will keep you posted on my findings!

While you’re at it, take out some extra time to discover their fashion collection, they have some cute French style pieces and inspiring, yet accessible collabs with for example with the house of Carven.

Glad to have rediscovered this old friend. Let’s not lose sight of each other again!


La Redoute Home on yayzine.com


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